The best microphones for streaming in 2022-2023


The best microphones for streaming in 2022-2023
Clear and distinct sound is an essential element of a successful broadcast. The reaction of the audience directly depends on the quality of the audio track. Every streaming camera comes with built-in microphones. But their capabilities are not enough for good voice transmission. Therefore, it is important to think about buying additional equipment.

The market is replete with offers. Devices differ not only in price, but also in appearance, mounting method, dimensions and capabilities. Not every model is suitable for broadcasts. To choose a quality microphone, you should study its characteristics.

Which microphones are suitable for streaming
Choosing a microphone for streaming begins with determining the technical requirements. The basic request of any blogger is a stable sound without echoes and rustles. Neither a change in intonation or volume, nor external noises and knocks should become an obstacle to voice recording. It is also worth deciding in advance what type of broadcast you are going to conduct. This affects the specific features of the device.

An important criterion for evaluating a microphone is the frequency range. Now we will not dwell on this parameter. He, as well as other characteristics, are discussed in detail at the end of the article. We only note that the breadth of the frequency range determines the accuracy of the transmission of sound nuances. This indicator is of particular importance for musicians.

Consider also how you connect the microphone to your PC, console, or smartphone. Wireless models transmit sound with a slight delay. For online broadcasting, this option is unacceptable. Give preference to a gadget with a wired interface.

An important role is played by the directivity of the microphone (signal reading area), sensitivity and additional features. We must not forget about the accessories supplied in the kit: holders, protective filters and bags. As a result, we can classify microphones according to a number of parameters:

Top 10 best microphones for streaming
Our rating of microphones for streaming is based on the criteria listed above. We also analyzed the reviews of real customers who have tested the devices in practice. This top lists models from different price categories. Among them there are offers for both beginner bloggers and pros.

The cost of the devices is current as of the end of December 2022 and may change

Fifine K669 USB - 2309 rubles
fifine k669 usb
The budget K669 USB model from Fifine opens our top streaming microphones. This manufacturer supplies the market with many inexpensive, but high-quality devices. Therefore, his products are in demand among novice bloggers.

The K669 USB guarantees owners pure sound at a low cost. A wide frequency range makes the device versatile. It is suitable for both conversational broadcasts and musical performances. Cardioid directivity cuts off extraneous noise and rustles.

The model comes in several colors: from black to silver and pink. There is a rotary volume control on the case. There is also a mute button for instant mute. To get started, just connect the device to a PC via USB. The device comes with a three-legged tripod. But you will have to take care of the pop filter yourself.


low price;
clear sound;
sound controls on the body;
plug and play;
different colors.

there is a bad assembly with an unstable holder;
no pop filter.
BOYA BY-M1 — 1,190 rubles
An unusual representative of the top streaming microphones is the BOYA BY-M1. Lapel gadgets are rarely used for playing games and live broadcasts. However, it is impossible not to mention this type of gadgets. Such a model will be the best solution if you stream master classes, for example, in a fitness club.

The buttonhole is compatible with different types of devices and is connected via a 6.3 mm jack connector. Thanks to the lightweight body, it does not pull clothes. The frequency range is sufficient for voice recording. And the circular orientation makes the model universal for broadcasts at public events. For soundproofing, the kit comes with a foam nozzle.

As home equipment, this is not the best option. BOYA BY-M1 is sensitive to extraneous noise. You won't be able to adjust your clothes without making too much noise or limiting the area of focus.


long wire;
suitable for interviews, outdoor broadcasts, master classes;
clear sound;

Fifine T669 USB - 3,990 rubles
fifine t669 usb
Another budget model from Fifine, which got into our top, impresses with its bundle. For a low price, you will get not only a good sound recording device, but also a lot of gadgets. Among them are a tripod stand, several types of mounts, a stand and a pop filter. You can install the device at a comfortable distance, as well as adjust its location during the stream.

The microphone functions according to the plug-and-play system. To get started, just connect it to a PC or Playstation console. From the first connection, the device demonstrates good sound quality. But to improve the audio, you will have to delve into the software settings and set the author's preset.

Note that the microphone is very sensitive. So you should take care of minimizing third-party sounds. It also takes up a lot of space. Therefore, if you have a limited workspace, you should look for a more compact model.


value for money;
adjustable height and swivel;
compatible with Playstation.

tripod and stand made of cheap plastic.
Razer Seiren Mini USB - 5,045 rubles
Razer Seiren Mini USB
The exact opposite of the previous model is this gadget from Razer. Note that the microphones of this manufacturer enjoy the well-deserved love of streamers. For a price slightly above average, they guarantee high-quality sound and long life.

Seiren Mini is one of the most compact models in our top. It is suitable for streamers who do not want to clutter up their workspace. The microphone is held on a desktop stand using a support rod (everything is included). Thanks to several colors and a minimalistic design, the device will fit into any interior.

Razer Seiren Mini belongs to the so-called super-cardioid models. It has a narrowed grip angle. This allows you to cut off extraneous noise to the maximum. No special software is required for the device. It works on a plug-and-play system. Sound settings are carried out directly on the streaming site.


high sound quality;
plug and play;
minimum noise and noise.

only suitable for single broadcasts.
Blue Yeti nano USB - 6 627 rubles
Blue Yeti nano USB
The all-in-one streaming solution is the Blue Yeti nano. This is the first multidirectional model in our top. The device supports several modes of operation: cardioid for live broadcasts, bidirectional for interviews and circular for podcasts. In addition, there is a stereo preset for recording vocals.

Switching between modes is carried out by pressing the button on the back of the microphone. The front of the case is equipped with a rotary volume control. The Mute button is backlit and visible in the dark. The gadget itself works on a plug-and-play system and does not require software installation. If desired, you can use third-party software to customize the sound.

Lightweight design rests on a stand-leg. The case has a headphone jack.


compatible with third-party software;
clear sound;
setting buttons in the case.

loud switching Mute;
no pop filter included
sometimes the cord pops out.

no battery indicator;
inconvenient for broadcasting games, etc.;
thin wire.

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